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Review: Saber Extra (Nendoroid 358)

Hello and welcome to my first Nendoroid review!

Today I just received my newest Nendoroid 358 Saber Extra from the Fate/Extra game. She is also known as Saber Nero or Red Saber.
I couldn’t resist getting her because of her beautiful design. I am also very excited about the upcoming anime and the new game Fate/Extella.


The front of the box.

The design of the box is kept very simple and it isn’t very different from the other Nendoroid boxes.


The contents.

Saber Extra comes with three different face expressions, her sword “Aestus Estus” and five different arm positions. She also comes with three more hands: one holding a rose, and two for holding her sword (left and right hands). She doesn’t come with any different leg positions, which I find a little bit sad.


Nero Claudius out of the box.

The design of her dress is absolutely beautiful. I really like the sculpt and the colors, especially the translucent petticoat. The paint job is also done very well; I did not discover any flaws.


Nero from behind. I’m in love with her hairstyle!

As you can see, the Nendoroid stand is stuck between the ends of her hair ribbon. This makes turning her head difficult. I recommend turning her head first, then putting the stand in.


Nero Claudius and Arturia Pendragon.

I can highly recommend this Nendoroid to fans of the Fate series, especially to fans of Saber Nero. Even though she doesn’t come with a huge amount of extras, I really like her and she makes a great addition to my growing collection of figures from the Fate series.

I hope that you enjoyed this review! It was my very first one and I am open for any constructive criticism. I will definitely edit this entry a few times and add more photos as soon as I get the chance.

Thank you so much for reading!

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