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Colorchallenge on Instagram

Hello everyone!

I was tagged to do the colorchallenges on Instagram and I decided to upload the photos here, too. This challenge was a lot of fun and I want to take more color-themed photos in the future!

IMG_8857-01Colorchallenge in purple.

For the background, I used a print of a galaxy picture that I found on the Internet.


Of course, the golden King of Heroes is perfect for this theme!


I don’t have a turquoise-colored Nendoroid, so I improvised with this fabric and with Saber who is improving her crafting and sewing skills.
Most of the miniature stuff is from Re-Ment and Sylvanian Families.

Red and green.

I used red construction paper for the rose petals.


This is actually a random test shot, but it turned out better than the other ones.


Mami-san hiding in a flower pot with chrysanthemums.


I hope that you enjoyed my pictures.
Thanks a lof for reading and see you next time!

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