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Review: Gilgamesh (Nendoroid 410)

Today’s review is about Nendoroid Gilgamesh, one of my favorite characters from the Fate series.
I got him for a good price on MyFigureCollection, he was pre-owned and still sealed in box. My box has a few dents, but they don’t really bother me.

The design of the box.

The design is kept very simple and not different from the other Nendoroid boxes. I really like the golden color; it fits the King of Heroes perfectly.


The contents.

Gilgamesh comes with plenty of accessories which include the following:

  • main figure with crossed arms
  • Gate of Babylon
  • two faceplates: a standard smiling one & a shouting one
  • two bent arms with fists
  • two normal arms and hands
  • one hand holding a wine cup
  • one hand for holding his weapons
  • golden wine jug
  • a huge variety of weapons for his Gate of Babylon, including his sword Ea
  • Nendoroid base, arm stand and extra neck joint


Gilgamesh out of the box.

I really love the design of this Nendoroid! The golden armor looks amazing and very detailed. I haven’t spotted any paint flaws. The sculpt looks absolutely great and I like how the Gate of Babylon is done, especially the colors and the translucent effect. Perfect for recreating the scenes from the anime~


Changing and moving his arms is a bit difficult because of the shoulder armor. They are movable, though.


The Gate of Babylon is held by his figure arm stand. I think I put it on incorrectly, but this way it wouldn’t fall down while I was taking the photo.


Gilgamesh’s majestic back

I can highly recommend this Nendoroid, he comes with a lot of extras and the quality is superb. Unfortunately, the current aftermarket prices for this figure are very high. Let’s hope for a re-release! [EDIT: He’ll be re-released in January 2017!] I’m also very excited for his Figma which will be released in December (hopefully).

Here are some photos that I have taken of him~
(click on the photos for better quality.)

I hope that you enjoyed this post! See you next time~

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