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Review: Jeanne d’Arc (FuRyu)

Hello everyone!
Today’s review is about the Jeanne d’Arc prize figure by FuRyu. I preordered her in May on AmiAmi. She is one of my absolute favourite female characters in the Fate series.

Prize figures are lower quality figures which are cheaper than scale figures. I got my Jeanne figure for about 1500 JPY excluding shipping costs.


Jeanne out of the box.

I’m in love with Jeanne’s design and FuRyu did a great job on this figure. The sculpt looks great and the colours fit perfectly. As you can see, there are a few paint stains on her hair. However, I do not really mind them; it would be a different matter if she was a scale figure.


Jeanne from behind.

I really like the flow of her skirt and her hair. Her pose looks great, too. This makes the figure look more “alive”.


The sheath is not attached to the figure and can be moved.


A base for the figure is included. The design is kept plain and simple.


Jeanne’s size compared to Figma and Nendoroid.

Jeanne’s height is about 180mm, while the Figma’s height is about 135mm and the Nendoroid’s height is 100mm.

Jeanne d’Arc is a great addition to my Fate collection and I plan to get more figures of her. Her Nendoroid will be released in late October and FuRyu is also going to release a prize figure of her Alter version!

Of course, the small stains on her hair are a bit bothersome, but it’s not a big deal because she’s a prize figure. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the quality and the details. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is a big fan of her and the Fate series, especially to collectors with a lower budget.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review! See you next time~!



3 thoughts on “Review: Jeanne d’Arc (FuRyu)

  1. wow nice review dude,i was looking for this figure but not available yet in figure shop at my city,so i bought the nendoroid version yesterday,it’s very cute,i like her pose when holding the flag in right hand and sword in her left hand

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