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Christmas with the Nendoroids

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays.

This is my second Christmas with my Nendoroids and this time, I decided to take some Christmas-themed photos during December and post them here. I hope you enjoy them!


Packing the presents.

I was so happy when I finally found the perfect Christmas tree for my Nendoroids. It has the perfect size and has tiny LED lamps. I bought it from an eBay-shop which is based in my country.
Some of the miniature presents are selfmade and some are bought from the decoration department.


Homura is patiently waiting until we can open the presents on Christmas Eve.


 Exchanging the presents.


Ryuko just received her present.

One of my Christmas presents was Nendoroid Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill and I’m really happy to finally have her in my collection! I’ve been wanting her for about a year.
What did you get for Christmas?


Eren having fun with the presents. Seems like Levi wants him to do the chores instead!

This was my little Christmas-photoshoot! I hope you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun taking these photos and I’m already looking forward to take Christmas photos again next year!

See you next time!


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