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Review: Gilgamesh (Figma 300)

Hello everyone!

I apologise for not being active in the last few months, but now I am back with a review about one of my new figures, Figma Gilgamesh from Max Factory!

For the perfect Fate mood, I highly recommend listening to his theme from Fate/Extra CCC!

Gilgamesh is one of my favourite characters from the Fate series. I was so excited when I saw the figure announcement last year! This is going to be a longer review than usual because this figure comes with a lot of extra parts.

The design of the box. (click on the pictures for a higher resolution)

The box is bigger than the usual Figma boxes and has Velcros attached to it. When you open it, you can display the figure and the box with the Gate of Babylon in the background, which is really nice!
Unfortunately, my box arrived with a few scratches (you can see them in the photos), but I don’t really mind them anymore.

Gilgamesh out of the box.

The sculpt for the figure turned out amazing! His armour looks great and the joints blend in very well. The paint job is also well done, I have not seen any flaws. As you can see, the armour of the Figma version is darker than the Nendoroid, which I find a little sad because it looks less shiny.
Moreover, there are countless possibilities to pose this figure due to his great movability. There are joints even at the back of the armour, as you can see in the second picture.
Other parts than can be articulated would be head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, ankles, and even the tips of the feet.
The red cloth at the front is made of soft PVC so it doesn’t restrict the posability at all.
Figma Gilgamesh’s height is about 160mm (6.24 inches), while the Nendoroid is about 100mm (3.9 inches).

The contents of the box.

Aside from the main figure, Figma Gilgamesh comes with the following parts:

  • shirtless upper body part + two clenched fists
  • hair down part
  • three face plates: a displeased expression and an angry, shouting expression, as well as a smirking expression.
  • a set of hands for the shirtless part
  • a set of hands for the armour part
  • two spare joints for the hands
  • alternate arm parts to display him with arms folded
  • Chains of Heaven Enkidu
  • Sword of Rupture Ea
  • Figma base + stand

A plastic bag and a summoning circle are also included, however I didn’t get the chance to take it out of the box yet.

Gilgamesh’s third ascension from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order.

With the shirtless part, you can recreate the scenes and poses from his third ascension in Fate/Grand Order and from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.
However, posing him with Ea is a little challenge. The sword is so heavy that it always ends up pointing down.


Enuma Elish!

I think that this figure turned out really amazing! Gilgamesh comes with a lot of parts – the 3rd ascension parts are clearly my favourites – and posing him is easy and a lot of fun. Not the best choice as a first Figma for beginners because of the many parts, but definitely a great addition to the Fate collection!


My small Gilgamesh collection so far.

I can highly recommend this figure to fans of the Fate series, especially to fans of the great King of Heroes. He is definitely worth it and even though I am not a big Figma collector, I am really glad to have him and he is one of my top 3 favourite figures.

You can also read the review about his Nendoroid version here.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review! Please let me know if you have any further questions about this figure or would like to see more pictures.

See you next time!



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