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Review: Rem (Nendoroid 663)

What time ist it? Time for a new review! This review is about one of my new Nendoroids, Rem from the anime “Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu”, which is also known as “Re:Zero – Starting life in another world”.

Rem is one of the twin maids working in the Roswaal mansion. Her twin sister Ram will also be released as a Nendoroid this year and a Nendoroid of Emilia has been announced as well.

I have been very excited for this Nendoroid because she is one of my favourite characters and also because I really like maid uniforms!

The design of the box. (for a better resolution, please click on the photos)

The design is the same as the other regular Nendoroid boxes. I really like the pastel blue colour, which perfectly matches her hair and eye colour!

IMG_0689 Kopie

The contents of the box.

Nendoroid Rem comes with the following parts:

  • main figure
  • three faceplates:
    • a default standard expression
    • a gentle, smiling expression
    • her ‘oni’ expression, which reminds me a bit of a yandere face
  • alternate front hair part with demon horn + attachable strand of hair
  • two arms for holding a tray, the tray can be removed.
  • lower arm part for holding her weapon
  • two bent arms with fists
  • morning star with a static chain
  • morning star with a real, movable chain
  • Nendoroid base, arm stand, and extra neck joint
  • a small plastic base for the static morning star

Rem out of the box. (the cat is not included)

Rem is a very pretty and detailed Nendoroid. I love how the figure is sculpted, especially the maid uniform, and how detailed her faceplates are. My favourite part of the paint job is the hair. The small, purple flower ribbon in the hair can be removed. Due to the many extras, there are a lot of possibilities to pose her.

I really love the tiny white ribbon on her back! It’s so cute and detailed.

IMG_0712 Kopie

Rem is ready to attack.

I love how Good Smile company included an alternate front hair part for her, and even two different morning stars. To be honest, I have been a little bit disappointed of GSC’s newest Nendoroid releases and announcements because most of them do not come with a lot of extras like the older Nendoroids, but Rem does not disappoint for sure! There are many ways to pose her, and putting other Nendoroids’ heads in the maid uniform is a lot of fun.

IMG_0724 Kopie

Rem and Mashu make a great duo as well.

Nendoroid Rem is definitely a great addition to my growing collection and I can highly recommend her! Posing her is very easy and not too complicated, I would say she is a good Nendoroid for starters, too.

I will probably receive Nendoroid Ram in August or September, so Mashu and the other Nendoroids will keep her company until I receive her. I am also very excited for Nendoroid Emilia! So far, she looks very pretty. Hopefully, there will be more Nendoroids of this series soon. Subaru and Beatrice would be amazing, but Felix would be great, too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!



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